This post is literally about the musical Hamilton, even though I don’t really go out and see plays… I just kinda listen to them lmao. Anyway, the point is that I spent the last few days listening to Hamilton and I gotta say, it’s really good.

In fact, I got so into the stupid story that after I finished listening to it, I went and looked up what actually happened back then to see if it was historically accurate lol.

Here’s the playlist of all the songs, plus some covers at the end. For those who don’t care about visuals lol.

And this is the animatic version lol. For those who wanna see some kinda visual representation of what happens in the story?

Okay, so for those who don’t want spoilers, don’t read this next part until after you hear or watch the musical lmao. Though it’s kinda hard to give spoilers for historical events that are relatively well-known.







Alright, so the first act was all fun and war, but the second act is political bullshit, Hamilton’s life getting ruined through stupidity and eventually, he dies at the end in a really stupid duel. Personally, I think he was suicidal and might have wanted to die, since he picked the exact same spot to start the duel… As where his son died a few years prior.

Let’s go back a bit though, to what happened when Philip(The first one lmao) died, which they left out of the musical. Angelica(Hamilton’s daughter, not his wife’s sister that he was also fucking.) went totally fucking crazy and eventually became a vegetable after idk how many years. She started out just talking to her dead brother as if he was alive, but eventually stopped talking to anyone at all and became catatonic. This obviously is just my umm, ‘guess’, but what if Philip wasn’t just her ‘brother’ if you know what I mean? Like, what if they were secret lovers, because it was the fucking late 1700’s and early 1800’s… Hell, even today incest is pretty common, so it wouldn’t be that strange back then if Angelica and Philip were in love, or at least Angelica was in love with Philip since I think he was probably a man-whore like his father.

Anyway, not long after Philip died, Hamilton and Elizabeth got back together… And created Philip the Replacement! Yep, they had another son and named him Philip, to replace the old one who died the year prior due to Hamilton’s stupid fucking advice about throwing away the first shot in a duel! You either shoot the other asshole or don’t duel in the first place ya dumb cunts! Fucking A, that part pissed me off so much… But the worst thing is that it’s all historically accurate so it’s not the writer’s fault that Hamilton was a stupid asshole.

However, since I am a writer and I don’t write historically accurate bullshit, I have my own ways to remedy the situation lol.

[Creature: Alexander Hamilton
ID Code: Earth-Hamilton53
Type: Unit
Rarity: Uncommon
Mana Cost: 0
Description: Summons one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. He started out as a poor boy in the Caribbean during the late 1700’s and managed to make it to New York, where he got an education. He was considered relatively intelligent for the time period, though he was very impulsive, foolish and naive when it came to subjects other than academia. Still, he was George Washington’s trusted aid and eventually became a military commander for a short time, helping to end the American Revolutionary War. After the war finally ended, he remained as one of Washington’s most trusted men and became the Secretary of the Treasury for a while. He created a national bank and pulled the country out of debt, but his successes only made his political opponents more vicious. He fell for a honey trap and was forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to the husband of some random woman he had an ongoing affair with, which eventually led to his wife and mistress breaking up with him.

Not long after that, his firstborn son Philip, died in a meaningless duel to defend his father’s honor. The father who told his own son to throw away the first shot, which ultimately got Philip killed. Angelica, Alexander’s daughter, had a mental breakdown after her brother died and she never quite recovered from the heartbreak, talking to him as if he was still alive for many years. Ironically, the death of their son led Alexander and Elizabeth to care more for each other. They got back together and swiftly produced another son, which they named Philip in memorial of their firstborn.

Although it appeared the Alexander Hamilton got over the death of his son, the fact that he died during a duel with Aaron Burr in the exact same spot as his son… Indicates that he may have been suicidal, especially since he also threw away his first shot, knowing the consequences of such a foolish action. Of course, if his goal was to mentally and politically destroy Burr, then his death certainly achieved that.

Aside from Historians and his family members, not many people knew much about Hamilton, compared to Washington, Jefferson and many of the other founding fathers. Still, hundreds of years after his death, Hamilton became extremely well known due to a play that chronicled his life.

When summoned, Hamilton will be 53 years old and dying from a gunshot wound. The projectile is a lead ball that went in his side, bounced off his pelvis and severed some of his vertebrae. Upon first summoning him, he will be unconscious and near death, but if you can cure his injury, the card will be upgraded to Rare. He will not be able to be equipped with any weapons, armor or other items until his injury is cured.]

Of course, I’m currently on Volume 2 of Private Server and idk when I’ll be able to implement Hamilton into the story or how important of a role he could actually play lmao. Still, it might be fun to butcher some historical figures, metaphorically lol. Though maybe literally too?

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    • I mean, it could happen and probably has happened lol. In The Diary of Destiny King, there’s a Goblin Kitsune who talks about how one of his tests was to go to Earth before WW2. He helped the Germans at first with technology ect, but eventually realized that they were fucking crazy and switched sides by helping the US lol.


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