Unwanted Heroes(Minor Update)

The Tooth Fairies: An obsessive compulsive dentist and his sadomasochistic female assistant, break into people’s homes at night and perform unwanted but extremely necessary dental procedures on their patients(victims). The patients often struggle and resist, but they always give in eventually. After the patients are completely cavity free or no longer have their wisdom teeth, the Tooth Fairies take their leave.

Doctor Roadkill: A deranged veterinarian who practices necromancy on unfortunate animals he finds on his way home from work. Sadly, rather than terrifying zombies or disgusting abominations, the best he could do was resurrecting them back to the state right before they were killed. Perhaps one day, he will fulfill his wish of creating a horde of zombified monsters?

The Flush: A Hydromancer who has enough hydrokinetic powers to force a clogged toilet to flush.

Trashmob: After taking an experimental birth control pill, she developed the ability to asexually reproduce. Her clones can grow and mature to adulthood within a day, while also retaining her personality and all of her memories.

Garbageman: Was originally Trashman, but Trashmob sued him for copyright infringement. He can turn garbage into other kinds of garbage.

Warlock: A man whose cursed so often and seriously that he eventually gained the ability to transform his words into actual curses.

Teleporter: A young woman who one day realized that she no longer needed to urinate or defecate anymore. At first she thought she was ill, but she never felt sick and the doctors said she was fine. Still unaware of her true potential, her excretions are constantly being teleported to random locations in small batches. There was once a man who died under mysterious circumstances… The autopsy showed that he had a large chunk of corn-riddled fecal matter trapped in his left lung.

Tea Master: An old man who can conjure teabags from thin air… Used teabags, which were stolen from various places around the world… Mostly trash cans.

9 thoughts on “Unwanted Heroes(Minor Update)

  1. Hey Michael here’s a superpower from the same book series as the one where you if you’re constipated it makes everybody within range of you constipated along with you. A superpower that allows you to teleport to your friends that are in range of you will also stabbing them in the kidney every time you do it with either your hand or any weapon you might have on hand at the time

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    • The superpowers literally called backstabbing and only works in backstabbing your friends in the kidney whether you like it or not it happens every time you teleport to their location

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      • Then you’re missing out on a lot cuz there’s a bin some hilarious shit I won’t say what but I would suggest getting back into reading it when you have time available cuz you’re missing out on a lot of shit that’s just damn right hilarious

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      • I will eventually lol. Right now I’m mainly reading Release that Witch, Legend of Legends, The Legendary Mechanic, TCF, TNE and I’m getting ready to binge Overgeared(I’m like 200+ chapters behind) lmao.


      • I sadly know exactly how mango’s victims feel once on the way home after dropping of my little sister a school I got explosive diarrhea and ended up shitting myself had to walk all the way home with shit in my pants (crying in the corner)

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  2. I really need to go to sleep lmao. Also, hopefully I remember to edit/post something tomorrow. Was going to do it today, but idfk what happened. Today just vanished without me even realizing…

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