Chapter 124: Slice of Chaos

“Sarah~, come play with me~… I would summon you here, but I’m not allowed to do that in combat. Ugh, this is so boring~, it’s just like popping pimples, except less painful. Ew~, fucking hell, why does it always squirt in my eyes?! Come on Sarah~, help me kill these things… Are you still mad about me having sex with Elina? Oh wait, no, I didn’t tell you about that yet, huh? Then why aren’t you answering me? I know you can hear me bitch, so get your tiny ass out here and help me slaughter these goddamn slime-whores!” Continue reading

Chapter 87: Chaos Theory?

Elina suddenly felt an extremely familiar and overwhelming aura emanating from beyond that closed door. However, before Michael could open it, there was a flash of blinding light, and then whoever had been there, disappeared. Continue reading