Bad News

Unfortunately, my computer is reaching the end of it’s life.  It’s been nearly ten years since I bought it, and well… nothing lasts forever.  For people who don’t read my story, this probably won’t affect them, but for those that do… I can’t write without a computer.  I could obviously scribble down things on paper like our ancient ancestors did, millions of years ago, but I still wouldn’t be able to upload it to the internet.

Since I don’t know exactly when my computer will actually stop working, I can’t be sure how much time I have left.  Everything I’m currently working on is saved in google-docs, so I won’t lose anything in that sense… but if I can’t use a computer, then I definitely wouldn’t be able to post anything lol.  Essentially, this is just a heads-up to anyone who cares.

I’ve finished chapter 10 of “Questing” and volume 4, chapter 6 of “Immortal Soul” plus I’ve almost finished chapter 7 as well.  I need to edit and post them, but after those, I might have to go back and finally start revamping the first two volumes.  My goal is to make them into a sell-able form, and then put them on Amazon for a few dollars a piece.  If I sell enough, I could hopefully make enough money to buy a new computer, otherwise… Well, if I suddenly disappear for a few months, you all know what happened.

14 thoughts on “Bad News

    • America lol After I opened it up and dusted it out yesterday, it seems to be working fine for the moment. Unfortunately, like I said before, it’s ten years old and only a matter of time before it breaks in a way that I can’t fix lol.


    • 🙂 it would be nice if I could keep my computer working for at least a few more months. Fortunately, computers are way cheaper nowdays than they were back when I bought mine for like a thousand dollars lol. I’ve seen computers that are a hundred times better than mine, which cost only two or three hundred. Of course, my life-savings are only about a hundred and fifty bucks rofl. I need to finish volume 4 of IS, and volume 1 of Questing asap, so I can start editing them to a professional quality. Once they’re good enough, even if I only sell them for 2 dollars a piece on Amazon, each person who bought them all would be paying a total of ten dollars. Only selling a couple dozen copies of each would be enough to buy a new computer… assuming that I finish them before my time runs out lol. I’m not completely sure how much of a cut Amazon gets though, and after taxes… well whatever, you get the point :P.


  1. Good luck with that. Sigh. Don’t ever try scribbling on paper and then encoding it on your PC coz its the most boring, boring, boring work ever. I tried it on my assignment and then boom! I fell asleep and I failed to pass it on time because of how ‘boring’ it is. Again, good luck with selling XD

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      • Ugh, I had a nightmare where I was in highschool yesterday lol At the end of it I finally asked “What the hell am I doing here?” and the teacher told me “Get up, something’s coming!” then I woke up rofl.


      • Maybe, or maybe I was just suffocating lol When I woke up, I was laying on my stomach, both of my arms were prickly and my face was embedded in a pillow so… lol It kinda happens a lot though. Whenever I’m suffocating in my sleep, my dreams get pretty weird lol.


      • Public computers lol well, I might be able to borrow a laptop from my brother, but I would be better off just getting the money and buying a new desktop, somehow lol Hopefully my computer lasts for a while long 😦 when it wouldn’t start earlier, I had to dust it out, and then it worked fine… but, it’s ten years old. My first computer only lasted like 2 lol, so yea, they aren’t immortal.

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