Chapter 69: A Chaotic Event

“Hahahaha~! Yes, I won! I actually fucking won!? Holy shit, it’s finally over! The eternity of Go Fish has come to an end!” Michael was quite literally jumping with joy, though his legs had fallen asleep from sitting on an uncomfortable stool for far too long.

Even with his superhuman Endurance and Vitality, he still had limits. Fortunately, he didn’t need to worry about food, relieving himself in various ways, or sleeping, because his ‘Arcane Body’ had reached level-two: making it so that he literally never ‘needed’ to sleep any longer.

A total of fourteen hours had passed since they began their ‘Go Fish’ marathon, and Michael was only three wins ahead of Arcana. The smirking, illusory woman told him “Congratulations on your narrow victory… I quite enjoyed myself this time. Hopefully our next competition will last a bit longer though.”

What had seemed like a hellish eternity to the Human, was but a mere moment to such an ancient being as herself. Yet, even she was finding the repetitive nature of that particular game, rather monotonous.

He snickered and held out his right hand, while grabbing the crystalline coin and saying “Yeah, how about no? Well, I did enjoy talking with you and receiving what is possibly the most overpowered grinding passive I’ve seen so far, but next time… let’s just stick with one match per game. Wait, before you leave, can you send me to that weird Arcane Armory place?”

The moment that he asked that, Michael was suddenly in familiar white room. Directly in front of him was a two-meter tall humanoid golem, but instead of silver, it was translucent like glass or ice.

Then the Arcane Vendor spoke in an incredibly familiar, feminine voice: “Welcome to the Armory of Arcana. You will enter this sanctuary after conquering a Dungeon, Raid, or receive a token of Arcana. While you are here, even if you spend an eternity browsing my wares, in your world, it would be as if merely a moment had passed. Is there anything in particular that you desire?”

He snickered and asked “Yeah, actually, I was wondering about something that’s been bothering me for a while now. Does Soulbound equipment adjust its size to fit the user?”

The androgynous mannequin immediately replied “Yes, most Soulbound items will conform to their owner’s physical stature.”

Michael pondered for a few moments, and then said “I want a big-ass sword, like, two-handed and unreasonably large. Do you have one?”

Suddenly, the tiny glass token in his right palm began transforming into a huge, glowing, double-bladed greatsword. The weapon wasn’t decorated in any way, and if it wasn’t made out a beautiful crystalline material, it would have seemed rather plain.

The hilt was two-feet long, and the blade was two-meters, while it was relatively thick and a whole foot wide. Michael immediately yelled “Holy cunt-balls! This thing is fucking ridiculous! Hahahah~, I love it.”

As he swung the unreasonably large sword around randomly, he noticed that it felt as if it was made from Styrofoam. However, when he channeled mana into it, the weight increased from one pound, to nearly eight.

Then he used ‘Scan’ on it: “Arcane Siegeblade: Increases wielder’s Strength, Endurance, and Vitality by two points; increases Intelligence and Wisdom by one point. Deals Arcane damage upon contact with the enemy and raises Attack Rating by fifty. Each point of Aura can increase or decrease the weight by one pound. Soulbound to Michael and cannot be used by anyone else. Rare Quality, requires level-ten to wield.”

After reading that, he muttered “No way… Hmm, well, once I have a couple hundred Aura, I can probably use this thing to fly with. Although, by then, I’ll most likely have a better weapon. Hell, at that point, I’ll probably just be able to use a skill for that.”

When he tried to make the weapon have negative weight, the tip began pointing towards the sky and he felt as if it were a giant helium balloon. However, once he released his grip, the giant ‘toy’ continued to float upwards for eight meters before stopping.

He wondered “Wait a second, doesn’t that mean each point of Aura can make my mana reach a whole fucking meter? Won’t I be able to do all kinds of crazy shit once I reach a certain point?”

Suddenly, the Vendor asked “Would you like to be returned to your original position, or to your Player-Home?”

Michael quickly answered “The Avarice Casino please~, and thanks for the cool gear!”
The moment that Arcana and the strange Human disappeared, Talia groaned as she struggled to stand up. She looked down at her damp leather pants and grimaced, while sending out a Wind-Whisper to her father.

However, a second later, she was no longer alone in that room. While staring at the smirking man, who was easily holding an unreasonably large sword with his right hand, the High-Elf asked “What are you really?”

He snickered and said “Don’t you have the ‘Identification’ spell? Hmmm~, that’s weird, do you hear that?” while equipping the Arcane Orb in his left hand. Shrill screams, vicious howls, crying, and maniacal laughter resounded outside and were accompanied by a terrible aura.

Michael was able to keep the stats from having the throwing weapon equipped, even if he wasn’t actually holding it, so he unconsciously made it float around behind his head: next to the Arcane Die. Suddenly, the ground began trembling and the whole building started to collapse, and he couldn’t help but yell “Oh for fuck’s sake! What the hell is up with this event-spam bullshit!?”

The terrified High-Elf screamed “What’s happening?!” as he quickly grabbed his card off of the table, along with a handful of others. Then the two of them sprinted out of the gambling-hall, before the ceiling could fall on them.

He grumbled “Ugh, damn it, the fucking music store got wrecked! Hmmm, oh, I know that cat-girl!” All throughout the town, gigantic tentacles, worms, tendrils and huge insect mandibles were erupting from the ground.

Most of the normal adventurers and citizens had started radically transforming into monstrous creatures. Goblins would become Imps, Humans turned into Lesser Demons, Orcs and Ogres mutated until they were giants and ‘High’ was added to their race, while Warbeasts started looking like anthropomorphic animals.

Talia wasn’t affected because her secondary Affinity was Nature, so she didn’t have to worry about mutating randomly. Michael was fine since he was a Player, but nearly everyone else in the Temple of Asura had changed rather dramatically.

It wasn’t just the fact that they grew horns, wings, tails, scales and other random physical features, they had all received ‘enraged’ debuffs. If it wasn’t for the fact that a gigantic, ten-meter tall, naked woman was leading them, they would have all started killing each-other at random.

The skies were brightly illuminated, but not from the sun. There were at least a few thousand Lesser Angels flying around and firing beams of light from their bows and blades.

They were viciously fighting against the Chaotic monsters and Demons, which retaliated with fire, ice, poison, wind and some even had Light magic. Aside from Nature, the hordes former Mages, Warriors, Priests and Assassins had a very wide variety of collective Affinities.

Just because they had turned into Demons, didn’t change their original skill-sets, it just increased their original power substantially. Talia was completely dumbfounded and horrified at what she was witnessing, but Michael just figured that hideous Demons and beautiful Angels slaughtering each-other was a normal, everyday occurrence in a fantasy-world.

He ran towards the woman, who had the race of ‘Demonic Calico Cat-Tribe’ and yelled “Hey, over here you fucking pigeon-whore!” as he used ‘Taunt’ on the relatively tall man, wearing pure-white leather armor, who was about to kill the former auctioneer ‘Yuki.’

The Lesser Angel was rank-F, level-fifteen, and had the Inquisitor Class, but he wasn’t able to resist that extremely offensive remark… even if the actual spell didn’t have too much of an effect on him. Michael turned to the horrified and confused High-Elf, then yelled “Oi, wake up! Blondie, go catch that stupid cat so we can get the hell outta here!”

In an instant, the furious man teleported in front of him, and shouted “Die, heretic!” while punching towards his face, and launching out a hidden stake from his wrist. However, with a two-handed swing, the nearly weightless Angel was smacked into the distance by the gigantic Arcane Siegeblade.

A ridiculous ‘-90’ appeared above the Inquisitor’s head and he instantly died, before his corpse even managed to smack into a collapsing building. Seeing that, Talia suddenly came back to her senses and said “O-okay!” as she obediently followed his orders.

Yuki’s Health was only 5/30 and she was rapidly bleeding to death from the various puncture wounds on her abdomen. Thus, the High-Elf had to use ‘Rapid Regeneration’ to keep the cat-woman alive.

Michael tried to walk over to them, but dozens of thick, thorny vines erupted from beneath his feet and wrapped around his legs. Paralytic poison seeped into his veins and he was completely unable to move his body.

Seeing that their brother in arms was brutally killed by him, three other angelic Inquisitors swooped down and attempted to take revenge. Fortunately, the Huntress noticed his situation, and cast a relatively weak ‘Natural Remedy’ spell on him, causing the Chaotic poison to be dispelled.

He yelled “Good job!” as he telekinetically threw his Arcane Orb at one of the rank-F Lesser Angels, dealing a surprising fifty points of damage. As soon as the other two teleported next to him, Michael smacked one of them away, and then was stabbed in the back by the other.

However, even when having his left kidney impaled by a metal stake, his health only dropped to 61/75. Of course, there was a ‘bleeding’ debuff, and it certainly felt horrible, but it wasn’t a lethal wound.

Then he remembered something important, he wasn’t using ‘Stat-Boost.’ When he lifted his empty left hand and activated the spell, his whole body was enveloped in a prismatic radiance.

Another stake stabbed into his back, and a ‘-10’ appeared, but something strange occurred. Breaking past ten Strength and Agility so suddenly, Michael finally felt the huge difference from his base-stats.

With a hysterical laugh, he easily ripped the vines out of the ground and then used Arcane Force on his giant sword, while swiftly turning around and striking it against the beautiful woman’s chest. The blade didn’t cut her at all, and there was actually zero damage from the blow… until her nearly weightless body smashed into a gigantic centipede at a few hundred miles per hour and transformed into a huge cloud of golden blood and white feathers.

Michael yelled “Holy fucking shit-balls… that was awesome! Well, it was also really gross, but this whole place is a hellhole already, so it’s fine~!”

Then he heard a monotonous feminine voice announce “You have reached level eleven.”

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