Chapter 126: Completing the ‘Team’

“Yes-yes, now hurry the fuck up and make her number six!” Michael was irritated that the system didn’t understand what he wanted, even though it was constantly reading his mind and observing him. Both of their bodies were engulfed in a blinding light for a moment, and then her status-screen was displayed before him.

[Companion Information

Name: Talia(Aeris Ramirez)
Titles: The Innocent(74)
Level: 17
Experience: 271/340
Age: Adult
Race: High-Elf
Rank: E
Class: Huntress
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer, Healer, Support
Profession: Musician Level 47]


Health: 50/50
Mana: 50/50
Stamina: 25/25
Mana Regen per minute: 150
Health Regen per hour: 50

Strength: 7
Vitality: 5
Endurance: 5
Dexterity: 25
Agility: 27
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 15
Perception: 19
Charisma: 9

Willpower: 20
Luck: 17
Aura: 63.3

Attack Power: 35
Defense Rating: 2.5]


Arousal Resistance Level 10(Max): Able to resist Charisma up to 1000% of the Willpower stat.

Poison Resistance Level 17: Able to resist level 17 poisons and toxins.

Natural Immunity Level 16: Able to resist level 17 diseases, poisons, and curses.

Elven Regeneration Level 3: Organs and bones that have been lost, can be completely regenerated. Recovery speed is dependent on the amount of mana consumed.

Intermediate Wind Affinity Level 3: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when exposed to windy environments. Increases damage against enemies of the Earth Affinity by 100%. Increases healing done to allies of the Wind Affinity by 30%.

Aeris’ Blessing of Speed Level 7: Increases Agility by 14 points.

Nature Affinity Level 8: Increased health and mana regeneration within jungles, forests, and sunny, warm, or moist environments. Increases damage against enemies of the Chaotic Affinity by 80%.

Natural Serenity Level 7: Increases Intelligence and Wisdom by 7 points.

Advanced Archery Mastery Level 1: Increases damage with all types of bows and crossbows by 100%. Decreases the Strength required to draw bows and crossbows by 50%. Bypasses 5% of enemy Defense Rating.

Dagger Mastery Level 9: Increases damage with short-swords, daggers, knives, and other similar weapons by 90%.

Blessing of the Huntress Level 5: Increases damage done to magical-beasts by 50%. Reduces aggro generation dramatically. Raises Perception by five points.

Voice of the Sidhe Level 4: When singing, Charisma increases by 40%. Improves training speed of the Wind Affinity by 20%.

Master of Strings Level 9: When playing string instruments, Charisma increases by 90%. Improves the training speed of Archery Mastery by 45%.]


(Ocular Magic)

Scan Level 10(Max): Identifies the object and gives extraordinarily detailed information, including the entire history since the item’s creation. Only effective on items below the Legendary Quality and within one-hundred levels of the caster.

Identification Level 10(Max): Shows the target’s current Health, Mana, Stamina, Name, Title, Age, Profession, Class, Level, Rank, Race and Specialization. It is also possible to examine all of the target’s activities since they were created. Only effective on targets that are within one-hundred levels of the caster.

(Wind Magic)

Advanced Air Manipulation Level 2: The caster controls natural and magical gases, by sending their mana into them. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat.

Wind Whisper Level 9: Sends a telepathic auditory message through the air, up to ninety miles away. Signal strength depends on the Aura stat. Costs nine mana per second to channel.

Hymn of Aeris Level 10(Max): Able to completely drop all aggro and redirect it to an ally. Temporarily boosts the target’s Defense Rating by 100% of the caster’s Aura stat. Costs 100% of the caster’s mana, but increases mana-regeneration of all allies within auditory range by 100% for ten seconds.

Aerial-Step Level 4: Increases the caster’s buoyancy until they’re able to levitate within the planet Arcana’s normal atmosphere. Reduces physical damage taken by 40%. Every point of Agility is equal to one second of spell duration. Costs forty mana points to cast.

Guided Missile Level 9: The caster channels their Wind aura into a projectile, which is then manipulated from a distance. Every point of Aura is equal to nine meters of range. Costs nine mana to cast.

Arrow of Wind Level 6: Creates an ephemeral arrow or bolt of condensed Wind element, which deals 60% of the caster’s weapon’s Attack Rating as magic-damage. Every point of Aura is equivalent to six seconds of duration. Costs six mana to create one arrow, but a maximum of six can be materialized at the same time.

Multiple Stage Missile Level 3: Enchants a projectile to release three bursts of highly condensed air-pressure, in order to increase maximum range, damage and accuracy. Only effective on targets that are at least three-hundred meters away. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs fifteen mana to cast.

Eroding Winds Level 10(Max): The caster uses their aura to envelop organic and inorganic matter in a violent tempest, which can destroy items, objects, animals, plants, or terrain. Can be used on living organisms that have less than 100% of the caster’s Aura stat. Costs ten mana per second. Speed of destruction is based on the Aura stat.

(Nature Magic)

Poisoned Arrow Level 3: Enchants an arrow or crossbow bolt to deal thirty Nature-damage over the course of one minute. Costs three mana to cast.

Ironwood Arrow Level 4: Creates four ironwood arrows or crossbow bolts, out of the caster’s mana. Creation speed and item quality is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs forty mana points.

Camouflage Level 6: The caster suppresses their body odor, breathing, and aura, while utilizing mana to blend in with their surroundings. Effectiveness is dependent on the Charisma stat. Costs one mana per minute while stationary, and one per second when moving.

Rapid Regeneration Level 5: Increases the target’s Health Regen by 50%. Duration is dependent on the Intelligence stat. Costs five mana points.

Natural Cure Level 6: Removes diseases, poisons and toxins from the target’s body. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs ten mana points.]
Michael complained “I can’t tell if you have a shit-ton of spells and passives, or if you barely have any… cause I might actually have more, and I’ve only been here for two weeks. You’ve had almost a hundred fucking years. Well, whatever, all that matters, is that I finally have-”

While he was trying to talk, a message popped-up: “By filling all six Companion-slots with females, while being a heterosexual male, you have unlocked a new title. The Harem Keeper: Regardless of the reason, you still decided that there was no need for another ‘man’ in your small group of comrades. Naturae has decided to bestow three points of Charisma upon you.”

“Of course ‘she’ did… Ugh, why does it always turn out this way? Talia, this is your fault, so you have to evolve into a futanari… if that’s even possible. Actually, Inari would probably be more likely to turn into a genderbender, since she’s goin down the shapeshifter path. Yeah, it should be fine, I mean, wait, why do I give a fuck?! Goddamn it, I’m not a writer anymore! I don’t need to hear the cries and screams of the obnoxious harem-haters! Muhuahahahahah~! Fear me mortals, for I am er… well, immortal to a certain extent?” As he was obnoxiously talking to himself, Michael quickly let out the souls of thirty two apes and one snake.

Talia was busy staring at the various strange features that suddenly popped up in the corner of her ‘UI’ or peripheral vision. She could easily see her own Health, Mana, Stamina, and a bar which had various symbols on it. Thus, she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the ranting lunatic who was floating around in the center of the huge room.

The Nephilim quickly spent two rank-G mana-cores, which he acquired from Demonic Slimes, to allow the High-Elf to have two bag-slots. Then he did the same for Alice, Jasmine, and finally… Inari.

Even though the fox was technically a magical-beast, she could apparently still be given bag-slots. However, whether or not she would be able to figure out how, he had no clue; that’s why he didn’t want to take the chance of wasting the mana-cores.

Michael muttered “Well, I guess it really isn’t much of a choice anymore; I basically have ta choose Chaos, or she’ll definitely make my life a literal hell. Actually, she’ll probably do that either way, but at least, if she stays in the mentality of a ‘puppy,’ I can ‘manage’ her craziness a bit…”

His wings suddenly retracted into his body, his hair turned black, eyes became crimson, and the halo above his head disappeared. If he wanted to level the skills faster, he could keep them constantly applied, but he felt more relaxed when he was in an unbuffed state.

Then he unequipped all of his ‘gear,’ except for the boxers and tank-top: which were also deactivated. As he was casually floating around, Talia finally glared at him and asked “Can we leave this place now?”

He sighed, while glancing around at his ‘collection’ of souls, “Hey Blondie, do you know of any relatively low-leveled Dungeons around here? Well, they don’t necessarily have ta be nearby. Oh~! Open up your map feature! Wow, you’ve really been around… huh.”

When she saw that massive globe, she was confused and didn’t understand what it was supposed to be. However, once she unconsciously switched it into a two-dimensional form, Talia gasped in shock.

There wasn’t much detail aside from the continent in the center, but when she zoomed in, it was possible to easily see nearly all of The United Elven States. It was a hundred miles north of Raphael’s Jungle, and spread from the Archean River, to the Western Ocean.

Even though it was visible as a whole, when she tried to get a close-up, she could only view the places that she had personally seen before. Michael complained “How the hell did you go all those years and only explore ‘Aeris Village.’ I mean, ya must’ve taken some kinda teleportation device to get here, cause I don’t even see any pathways leading to that Temple of Asura.”

44 thoughts on “Chapter 126: Completing the ‘Team’

    • True lol. I hate harems in the sense that some guy just goes around ‘collecting’ random women who he might fuck once and then never see again. Or the ones where it’s a ‘harem’ in the sense that the main character is a man and he gets surrounded by women who may or may not like him, regardless, they never actually have any sort of romantic relationship with him rofl.

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  1. Loving it as usual, thanks a bunch!
    btw are these two correct?
    “Poison Resistance Level 17: Able to resist level 17 poisons and toxins.
    Natural Immunity Level 16: Able to resist level 17 diseases, poisons, and curses.”
    shouldn’t the skill level correspond to the level they can resist??! or did I miss something…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t understand what’s wrong? The way ‘normal’ poisons, curses, diseases and toxins work… is usually that they have a certain ‘level.’ Just like how all other animals, plants and other things can gain levels, pathogens can as well. Thus, even a level-151, Rank-SSS, Demon God(Or whatever) can still get a case of the level 200 sniffles or die from a level 200 super-herpes(Not sure if people die from herpes? lol) The point is, it’s a sort of extreme power-level deterrent for NPCs. Players don’t have to worry quite as much, and certain races have naturally stronger immune systems. There are also plenty of elemental Immune System Passives that are more effective than the generic ‘Immune System Boost’ For example, Natural Immunity can resist diseases, poisons and curses a level above the ability’s level? Is that what you were talking about?


    • It kinda depends on the race? There’s basically cap on how attractive something can ‘physically’ become, appearance wise. But scents, the sound of the person’s voice, the way their skin feels, it can all be improved with charisma. Eventually though, the effects of Charisma diminish, relative to the other person’s Perception and Willpower? Of course, if you read my softcore Info-dump, then you would know that Charisma also improves the speed at which Companions and Residents ‘grow’ lol.


    • Yeah, it’s hard to say whether she is OP or lazy? I mean, her Musician Profession is like level 47 rofl, but even with that crazy training buff that it gives, she’s only at Advanced Archery. Well, most passives and skills improve faster in combat(If they’re related to combat) so it isn’t that surprising lol.


  2. Thanks for the story.
    I wonder how she’ll cope and retain her innocent.

    Does the item created from mana permanent?

    Never would have guesses that there’ll be multi-staged rocket-.. missile burst here. Is it only effective from three hundreds meter onward or is it due to the projectile reaching optimal damage/effectiveness after travelling three hundred meters?

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    • It’s kinda pointless if it’s used any closer than that, cause a Rare longbow can shoot like 1 kilometer already lol Also, wind arrows are ephemeral, while Ironwood Arrows are permanent(at least until they break lol) like, they aren’t indestructible.

      As for Talia’s innocence… she’s kept it for 74 years already, so she should be fine for a while. Maybe… lol, idk, she isn’t very homicidal, and she has a Passive that keeps her from getting horny rofl.


      • I see. Since the distance isn’t enough, the minuscule damage addition just doesn’t worth it… Can it be stacked with Guided missile or other spell? It’ll be quite useful in ambushing the enemy with an ultra long-range quick-maneuver poisonous homing arrow of the wind for an over the horizon attack, or using five guided arrow for surprise attack from unexpected angles.

        So she doesn’t have to worry on stocking up on regular arrows, and can also stack as many arrows as her inventory allow it while in Michael’s home for later use? Nice!

        For a while, is it? … Well, he does go for a great length so that she can retain her stat bonus, and he doesn’t go for Jasmine either… And there’s Sarah’s high yan-tsundere level… She will survive for a while as long as it isn’t by her own accord. Curiosity kills the stats.

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      • Lmfao, well, only Luck and Willpower are influenced by ‘Innocence’ though the amount(At her current level) is pretty extreme, in the future, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Plus, depending on the circumstances, she might receive another title to make up for it? As long as she doesn’t ‘murder’ anyone, it should be fine. Who even knows what her, Inari and Alice ‘like’ anyway? The fox is still a child, the lizard-woman is a mystery, and Talia, thus far, seems to be nonsexual lol. Not asexual, but simply isn’t interested in sex at all and abhors it. Of course, she’s only been exposed to Michael/Elina/Sarah/Jasmine’s nonsense for a few days now… who knows how long her vanilla heart will survive? lol


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