Happy Valentines Day

Yep, I’m still single and alone on Valentines Day, which is also my Birthday… Yay~, I’m 24 now and it’s totally irrelevant lol.  Anyway, as a Valentines/Birthday present to ya’ll, I’ve decided to release three chapters of “The Vanilla God”.

It’s a story that I started working on a few days before I went to the hospital last week… Personally, I think it probably has a lot of potential, but I’d like to find out the hard way whether or not people actually like it rofl.

“The Vanilla God” is a first person xianxia-style story about the seemingly endlessly long life of a ‘Deity’ who didn’t do things the ‘easy way’ :P.  There will be a decent amount of action later on, but for the moment, there’s only like 3 chapters so don’t expect a hardcore slaughter-fest the whole time.

Also, I’d like to put a disclaimer here… As far as I know, this story probably won’t have any sex or profanity at all roflmao.  Kinda weird having a disclaimer to tell people that there isn’t going to be loads of cursing, orgies and necrophilia :).  However, there will definitely be violence and gore, but to what degree, it’s kinda unknown.

Anyway~, let me know what you think and also if you notice any spelling or grammatical errors… I definitely edited it, but I couldn’t find any problems, which kinda worries me lol.

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Are you saying… That this story… Might be socially acceptable to talk about outside of the internet? Are you the same person who made one of the most disturbing and profane stories I have ever read to date?

    Also, Happy B-day dude! Mine’s on the 28th of the month also. Hope you start feeling better!

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    • Thanks and yeah, I am feeling better now :). Yeah, this story is totally acceptable to talk about lol. It’s still got a lot of ‘comedy’ and parodies the Xianxia genre, but I think it’s pretty ‘safe’ to talk about rofl.

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      • That kinda saddens me that it’s discussable now, but makes it easier when someone asks me “What are you reading?” and I have to go “Uhhhhhhh…. Books?..”

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      • Lmfao, well yeah… but basically, I went into writing the story like this: “There’s too much annoying and ridiculous bullshit in Xianxia… Why can’t the MC just go off and train like a normal cultivator? Why do they constantly have to be treated like trash and go on nonstop rampages over ‘face’ or pride? Why do Xianxia have to focus on annoying political bullshit, fucked up cultures and other irritating garbage? I just want to read about a MC who trains, does some fighting, has some level of basic common sense and doesn’t live their life based on their sexual desires or some kind of ridiculous tragic romance!” roflmao

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      • You sir, are my hero. I’ll probably read your 3 chapters in a bit after I catch up on some other releases I’ve fallen behind on. I’ll attempt to tell you if I spot any problems with it also since you couldn’t find any (And we all know that can’t be true). Cultivation at it’s finest! No more face! No more BS arrogance! The world is free!!!!

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      • Well, I’m not saying that there won’t be loads of cliche and ridiculous scenes like that, but it definitely won’t be like most Xianxia lol. Also, the only other first person pov xianxia I’ve read was Child of Light, so there’s that lol.

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      • I haven’t read COL yet, is it any good? Also, you literally can’t have Xianxia type genre’s without it’s BS stuff, I think that’s the rule for the genre at least! But a MC with common sense should be great!

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      • Well, it’s like he’s telling the story of his life to ‘you’ or someone else lol. Kinda like I did for “Immortal Soul”, except the chapters are way shorter and the story is a lot less complex and serious(so far) lol.

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