Chapter 45 will be coming out in about 46 hours from now.  As some of you might have noticed, I was pretty sick this weekend and I was barely able to write or edit anything.

Ugh, I don’t even know.  It’s gotta be the winter that’s getting to me?  Well, it might have been a whole host of things that I’ve changed now.  My toothpaste and toothbrush were both probably ‘bad’.  I mean, I got a new thing of the same exact type of toothpaste and it tastes totally different from the old one… probably not a good sign.  There was also a bunch of mold growing around where I was keeping the toothpaste, so who knows?  My old toothbrush, I had that for like 8 months, and yeah, probably didn’t help.

Then there’s the fact that my room was like covered in cobwebs, spiders and dead cockroaches, along with more dust and lint that should ever accumulate in one place.  I cleaned my room and hopefully that fixed some of the problem I was having with my sinuses.

However, the main thing is just that after I’ve been awake for around 12 hours, I start getting sick.  Like, my sinuses go crazy, 10 times worse than they are normally, and it gets progressively worse the longer I stay awake.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any decongestants, so I couldn’t sleep and ended up staying awake for around… 38 hours or so.  I did eventually manage to use ibuprofen, phenylephrine pills and one of those levmetamfetamine vapor inhalers to subdue my sinuses long enough to get some rest.  That was like 2 days ago, but it’s something that happens sometimes…

Basically, I just need to stop staying up so long, because it just makes things so much worse lol.  I always think “Ah, I can’t go to sleep yet, I need to finish the chapter!” and then I end up feeling like I’m gonna die and not actually finishing the chapter anyway, because my brain stops working properly rofl.

I guess the point in this post is just a warning to anyone out there who might be like me.  Don’t damage your health in order to force yourself to write, it’s something that needs to come naturally.

Also, I might be addicted to Ibuprofen… Like, I find myself thinking “I should really just take some Ibuprofen.” all the time.  Of course, that might be because I have cystic acne and I kinda need it to reduce the swelling… If I don’t, I get really bad headaches, have sinus problems, or just generally feel loads of agonizing pain.  There’s also the fact that my parents are ‘practicing’ music right above my room, and I have really sensitive ears(Just the noise from my computer fan drives me insane) so you can imagine how I feel when there are like… huge monitors that can be used to play concerts, blasting for hours and hours.  Fml, okay, I’m done QQing for now.


30 thoughts on “Break-Day

  1. It is easy for us men to keep on putting off things that would greatly aid our health and comfort, I know because I have not yet been back to the clinic for these patches of dry and cracking skin on my arms, but when there is the possibility that alot of your pain and suffering can be solved via taking the time to make your environment a bit more livable the possibility should be explored post haste! And if it is physical aid that is needed in addressing your issue, recruit all those who would be willing. it isn’t just your life that is in danger man, it is your ability to see through your hopes and dreams and become the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

    Are you truly willing to let yourself be defeated by dust-bunnies?

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    • Lmfao, I feel a lot better now 😛 After dusting/cleaning my room, also changing my sheets, I took my fan and put it up to my window…. then I let it blow at full blast for like a whole day lol. I think most of the dust flew away now rofl. It’s a lot easier to breathe in my room atm.


  2. Just want to say sinus flares daily sounds more like allergies than inflamation try clariton or w/e the over the counter generic is from the sound of how your living conditions are you are probably allergic to dust mites or something similar since allergies can cause like all your symptoms including headaches and hearing sensitivity acne and sinuses since they are all connected the acne in particular could also be from a gluten allergy or other food allergies as well

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  3. At conditions like that it might be better to move into your own apartment:)
    I live in Baltimore, MD too.:)
    Living in a nice sized 2-bedroom apartment that only 1055 per month(plus utilities) and has room for 3 people(My twin, me, and my twins friend) to live in it.

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  4. I have problems socially cos i take things too literally (and for other reasons) so i’m gonna outline that it’s a joke beforehand:
    Death solves every problem apart from that rotting thing but you know your beautiful bones’ll be there for a while (show off).
    The best way to use it that is, hope your body holds out enough to keep you alive and not a vegetable

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  5. Looking in to cases and experimental data a maximum dose is 3,200mg per day with around 38,000mg in a day enough to cause to death by overdose (closer to 200pills)
    About 800mg at a time can apparently cause intense stomach and intestinal pain with a chance to cause ruptures
    And apparently taking around 1600mg of it at one time can cause you to vomit it out ( probably due to a body treating it as poison or just the side effects of the dosage)
    Case studies seem to agree to these but tests would probably not be conducted on an unethical basis

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    • Lmao, well yeah, but I don’t really plan to test the limits of how much Ibuprofen I can survive in a day. If I take it, I’m trying to fix a problem, not create a worse one 😛


      • You know that Ibuprofen Extends Life right lol “Although it’s unclear how ibuprofen affects life span, Polymenis told NBC News that it may have something to do with the drug’s interference with cells’ ability to absorb the amino acid tryptophan. “There are open questions. For example, is it the low tryptophan amounts inside the cell that extend life span, perhaps akin to dietary restriction?””

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      • That’s weird, but it’s possible that tryptophan may have something to do with telomeres assuming that you aren’t just making things up. I’m too lazy to actually go look it up myself, so I can’t really tell if you’re serious or fucking with me. But yeah, tryptophan may play a part in restricting the ability for telomeres to regenerate themselves. In that case, the lifespan of cells would definitely increase overall? Unless you’re saying that the lifespan of the individual cells are becoming longer because of the lack of Tryptophan, then I have no idea if that would actually make the person’s lifespan longer lol.


  6. I’d look in to it but my history with the people in my chemistry class may cause them to think i’ve spiralled down to a case where i want to take that number in an hour again ,
    Which means I wouldn’t get my answers nor leave me in case seeming “sane”.
    A customary online search suggests that the dosage you mentioned is the one with best effects (apparently an increased dosage than 400mg per 6-8 hours doesn’t have any greater effect).

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  7. Well i think that it taks about 100 ibuprofen in an hour for stuff like organ failure (my memory may be off) so it shouldn’t be that bad as long as you don’t take it for stomach problems,
    Get “well” soon
    (As well as can be)

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    • yeah, I rarely take 2 a day(400mg). At the most, if it’s like a serious problem, I’d take 2 every 6-8 hours. Like the other day/days when I was awake for 38 hours, I took a lot of them, but never enough to cause any serious damage… I hope.


  8. Get well soon dude! Your health should always be Top Priority. As always though, you sound like some sorta medical marvel with the amount of problems that seem to pop up on you so regularly, might have to do with your living environment and… expired toothpaste too though? Sounds really unsafe the way you describe where you live…

    Stay safe my sickly friend! Be like me, take a nap that lasts half a day then go “Oh shit, what day is it?”

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