My Morning

So yeah, instead of taking a shower and going back into my room to start writing… I decided to go outside, into the sunlight lol.  I took a bunch of pictures of one of the alley cats who loiters in my yard all day, but when I tried to go back inside… He sprinted into the kitchen, then down into the basement.

Eventually, he got bored and went back up the stairs, but it took both of my parents like 3 minutes to slowly push him out of the house roflmao.  Anyway, here’s a video of it :P.

24 thoughts on “My Morning

  1. were i live we dont have ally cats we had feral cats they are terrifying they used to be a massive problem around were i live then we moved in with are cats one who many a times brought back brown snakes and i think i saw take on about 3 feral cats at one and only took a scratch on the back of his leg.
    he was the most brutal pet we ever had you will be missed

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  2. I remember when I still went to middle school, early in the mornings we had to check under the hood of our cars to make sure no cats climbed inside during the night and slept on the enigine. A bunch of gremlins they are.

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    • They do sometimes, but that cat will scratch and bite the shit out of you depending on how it feels at the time lol. Who knows what kinda diseases it has? Besides, it wouldn’t have been as funny if they just picked it up and took it outside roflmao.


      • Yeah, well, we can’t really keep the cats in the house though lol. Like, they aren’t house cats, they’ve lived outside for so long that they aren’t even ‘domesticated’ anymore rofl. Plus, we have sticky pads for the mice, which would get stuck to the cats and cause all sorts of problems. The cats would piss and shit all over the place… We have birds too, so there’s that problem. Most importantly, the cats don’t want to stay inside roflmao. They just want to come inside because we don’t want them to, but once we stop caring, they want us to let them out…


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