Incoming Chapters of TDD

I’m not totally sure how I’ll be posting them exactly. Regardless, these next two chapters are pretty damn long, so it will probably be quite a few posts. So prepare to see a lot of notifications lol.

In other news, I’ve been vaguely addicted to “Total War: Warhammer” lately lmao. Especially since I started using mods and stuff. I think my favorite race is probably the Beastmen, but Chaos Warriors are a close second.

All the races are pretty unique and have their own niches, but I really recommend getting these two mods. They add a lot of new units, improve some mechanics and overall, make the game a lot more enjoyable imo.

Anyway, if you want to get the game for 12 dollars, it’s on Humble Monthly Bundle for like 11 more hours… So if you don’t get it now, you’ll have to wait a long time for a Steam Sale that good lol. It usually only goes down to like 40 dollars from what I’ve seen. Maybe in a year it’ll be down to 15 dollars-ish, but who wants to wait a year for something they can impulse buy now?

Bundle Stars is cool too :).

Tower Defense Deities Table of Contents!

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