Catastrophe, Volume 1, Prologue: Birth of Chaos

This story was actually something I thought about last month, so it’s relatively new. I was going to keep going with the idea, but got caught up with editing my other stuff and writing “Immortal Soul”.

I actually just wrote a chapter of it while editing the prologue though :P.


Thunder was shaking the house, as the winds threatened to tear the building apart. This story begins in the ruins of a rowhouse in Baltimore. The former owners happened to burn the place down, but even in its current state, it was enough to provide refuge to the desperate kitty who happened to claim it as her own territory.

“Rauw~! Mao~!”

She cried and screamed in her feline tongue, before purring in order to regain her composure and complete her very important task. This stray black cat was formerly known as Mittens, before being abandoned by her owners several years prior. She was currently giving birth to her very first litter of kittens.

It was such a ‘normal’ occurrence, that no one would even expect it to bring the whole world to ruin. Mittens cried and then laid down on her side, lifting up one leg and then licking her groin as a tiny kitten popped out. It was covered in fluids and its black fur was barely even visible compared to its pink skin, but it was so dark that even his mother needed to find him based on touch. There were no lights in the ruined building, while it was the middle of the night.

The second baby was also a pure-black kitten, who struggled to move around with his eyes closed, as his mother licked his body clean. And then there was the third and final baby… With glowing violet fur. Mittens was taken aback at first, but ultimately, it was still her child regardless of its oddity.

“Meow~! Meow~!”

Mittens was happier than she had been in a very long time, because she finally wasn’t alone anymore. She had three beautiful babies, two boys and a girl. Of course, since she was a cat, she didn’t care about naming them. All that mattered was that they were hers, and adorable.


Unfortunately, the weather was only getting worse. For the first time in many years, a very powerful hurricane was rampaging through Maryland. Obviously the majority of it was out at sea, but enough was intruding into the eastern seaboard to hit the Chesapeake Bay. Since the Inner Harbor of Baltimore was also affected, it meant that things were really bad in the city.

After a few hours and things seemed to be calming down a bit, the violet-furred kitten suddenly lifted its head and opened its eyes for the first time! Those radiant pink irises stared up at the ceiling and it let out a fierce “Mew~!”

Then a massive change occurred all across the planet… The stars in the sky disappeared. The sun was still there, along with the moon and the rest of the Solar System. Yet there was only a solemn darkness outside of that. However, Mittens and the kittens didn’t notice the change, since they were inside of a barely functional building, while there were storm clouds covering the sky regardless.

“Mew~! Mew~! Mew~!” Violet cried out continuously, before returning to her mother’s teat to continue her meal. For the mysterious creature, causing a cataclysm immediately after her birth was a pretty normal occurance.

Mittens’ ‘lair’ was an originally two story building, which also had a basement. However, the floors were mostly destroyed from the fire, so there was only the roof and some wooden support beams intact. The floors had mostly been destroyed and it was impossible for a human to walk around inside without worrying about falling to the basement but… For cats, it was a perfect hideout.

The house was planned to be fixed up soon, but the hurricane had forced the construction crew to postpone their work. It was only a matter of time until they returned though, and then Mittens would be evicted from her home… Or not?


Several days passed by and the kittens were growing at a rapid pace, but there was a serious problem. Their mother needed to leave them alone, while she scrounged for food out in the rain and wind. Plenty of trash cans were knocked over and the rats were braving the weather to sort through the soggy garbage, which gave Mittens the opportunity to hunt for the first time in a while.

When she was away, the three kittens needed to fend for themselves. Fortunately, Violet was already acting like the ‘big sister’ of the siblings. Even though the boys were technically older, their glowing purple sister was already starting to look like a proper cat after only a few days. The black-furred brothers were unable to even open their eyes, while Violet was strutting around and ‘Meowing’ constantly. She even managed to catch her first mouse, which was almost as big as her own tiny body.

As she slowly tore the creature apart, something strange occurred. That tiny body started to grow at a visible rate over the next few seconds and she looked like she was three weeks old. The bright-purple fur was even more luminescent than before and she let out a loud “Meow~!” in triumph.

It was at that moment when everyone around the world heard a high-pitched, feminine voice echoing in their minds!

“Hear me, puny mortals! Meow~! I am the great, super amazing Goddess of Catastrophe, also know as Chaotica, or Chaos, though I prefer Violet! So yeah, uh, your world belongs to me now and I’m feeling a little generous so~… Oh, I know! This’ll be super fun! Let’s play a game! I guess I’ll make the rules simple? Killing gives one point, eating gives another point! No wait, eating gives one point for a heart and one point for a brain! Hmmm, but that’s not very fair… Oh, there are different levels and stuff, hold on, I’ll… Umm, this might take a while. When I finish setting up the system, I’ll let you stupid mortals know!”

And so, the apocalypse was postponed because Violet wanted to make it a bit more entertaining. Fortunately, from the perspective of humanity, they just heard some inane cat noises rather than actual words. Of course, even the cats had no idea what she was babbling about either, so they just moved on with their lives.

The much more terrifying question was “What happened to the stars?!” And the whole world was trying to figure that out. No, actually, most people didn’t really care, since it didn’t seem to immediately affect them.

Some scientists proposed that the Solar System was actually being sucked into a Black Hole. Others thought that there was so much radiation bombarding the Sun’s electromagnetic field, that it made it impossible to see beyond it. Though that didn’t make much sense to others, who believed that the Solar System had entered a field of Dark Matter or a Nebula of some sort. Then there was the Simulation Malfunction idea, that the people who thought their world was a Virtual Reality Simulation overwhelmingly agreed about.

Ultimately though, they had no way to test any theories, because they were just humans after all. The truth was that in 2017, the technology of humanity was completely unable to make sense of what was happening.

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