TDD V2 Prologue 5: Legacies

*Beatrix’s Perspective*

What is this place? It’s warm and familiar… A golden prison.

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They Finally Arrived

No clue if this will actually work or not… But I’m trying to embed my facebook post into my wordpress post lmao.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but WordPress only lets you have a very small amount of pictures, so I didn’t want to waste a bunch of that space with these. However, I’d like for people to be able to see it :).

The two books I ordered finally arrived… And I’m pretty excited that there weren’t any major problems that I noticed lol. At least not from my perspective as a person who has literally never read a physical book before in my entire life. I’m sure there was something I screwed up though.

Also, two books together weigh about 6.4 pounds, roughly 3 kilograms. The standard size for books was like 6×9, but after going crazy trying to format everything properly, I just said “This is good enough!” And then I picked 8.5×11, so yeah, it’s a big book lol.

The Diary of Destiny King

The paperback and ebook finally got linked together. Also, the ‘Matchbook’ thingy actually works, so when you buy the paperback, you can get the ebook a lot cheaper.

The Diary of Destiny King

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who bought my novel :). The ‘Report’ thingy obviously isn’t working right, so I don’t know how many people actually bought the paperback yet, but I was still surprised to see so much support lol.

I’m honestly pretty excited to see the physical copies of a book that I wrote, but the 2 I ordered won’t get here until next week. I probably won’t be able to settle down until I actually see the physical copy and make sure that there’s nothing seriously wrong with it…

My ‘Best Seller’ rank is #184,837 lol, so I’ve got a long way to go. It’s kinda scary to see such a big number when it comes to rankings, but considering that there are literally millions of books in the Amazon store… I wonder if that’s actually low or not?

Anyway, I need to get back to writing now :).

I Published a Book!

Well, after a lot of anxious waiting around, “The Diary of Destiny King” has finally been published officially! Here are the links to the Ebook and Paperback!




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I’m ridiculously anxious right now… I just spent the past 7-8 hours finalizing everything. Seriously, I never thought that it was going to be so much work to just format and fix every single thing in the universe to self-publish a book. Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 95: Anael

“Aahh~! Stop~! Please~! Stop~! Just kill me~! Let me die~!” A high-pitched voice was screeching loudly and reverberating throughout an enormous palace. Continue reading

The Diary of Destiny King


Accidents happen when you least expect them. Often due to negligence, but coincidences do not exist. In an alternate reality, where magic exists and deities are abundant, fate is much more than just a concept.

After the sudden death of her brother, Destiny inherits an amazing opportunity. Many people dream of traveling to other worlds and going on fantastical adventures. However, for the average man or woman to survive in the harshest environments on Earth would be nearly impossible.

In order to evolve, both mentally and physically, Destiny King must undergo many trials and tribulations… Whether she wants to or not. Because the only alternative, is death.


Agriculture is usually underrated and overlooked. Farming has often been perceived as low-class or work designated to peasants throughout the ages. However, without agriculture, civilization would be unable to exist or persist.

Survival would still be possible, but the quality of life would be drastically lower. Hunting is simply too dangerous, inefficient and unstable to support a large population. Gathering wild plants can be just as hazardous and difficult as hunting.

Without understanding how difficult life can be without the amenities you take for granted each day, you wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate what it means to be a Kitsune. Power must be earned.

You will suffer many hardships, but if you do not have the will to survive, then how can I trust you to carry out my will? How could I bestow upon you my blessings if you are unwilling to fight for them?

If it is your destiny, then perhaps you will manage to overcome these trials… If not, then I can only offer my condolences. I implore you Child, do not attempt to take this test without proper preparation and settling any affairs you might have. Do not accept this challenge unless you are completely confident in yourself and your ability to survive under extreme adversity!

This is not a game! You still have a chance to turn back… Are you certain that you wish to become a Kitsune?


Yeah, I decided to change the old Synopsis into a Prelude and make a new Synopsis that’s more… Like, synopsis-ey?

The Diary of Destiny King

Tower Defense Deities

Okay, so I wrote two stories in November. The first was obviously “Chaotica’s Coliseum”, which I’ve posted a few chapters of so far. I wrote a prologue and about 7 chapters of that, but then someone… Sigh, well, I was asked to write a new story. Continue reading

Chapocalypse Again?

Yesterday was “Chaotica’s Coliseum” and today will be “The Diary of Destiny King”. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll pick tomorrow… Maybe TDoE? But there is another possibility… Well, I’ll decide tomorrow lol.

Anyway, just wanted to give you guys the heads up that there’s gonna be a torrential downpour of Sifian proportions in a few minutes…

Chapocalypse Now!

Well, the Chapocalpyse isn’t all going to happen in one day. I’m starting with “Chaotica’s Coliseum”.

Sigh, today I edited like 70-80 pages and barely wrote anything :(. Well, most of those pages that I edited have nothing to do with the Chapocalypse :P. It was chapter 13 of “The Diary of Destiny King”… Speaking of which, tomorrow I’ll be posting chapter 8 of TDoDK.

Not really sure what else to say lol. I’m gonna start posting things now!