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So yeah, I’m trying to get my Karma to go back up to normal levels on Reddit.  Thus, I’m forced to resort to begging you guys and girls to help me out lol.  Here’s a link to The Dao of Eros thingy I just posted on Novel Translations.

In other news, while only 22 chapters of TDoE have been edited and posted so far, I’m actually working on chapter 30 of volume 2 at the moment.  I think the anxiety over my upcoming Jury Duty has been interfering with my writing pace, but then again, there’s also the fact that I’ve been binge reading stories like crazy lately.

  1. The Nine Cauldrons
  2. Change: New World
  3. The Slime Dungeon
  4. ATG
  5. TDG
  6. Cult of the Sacred Runes
  7. WDQK
  8. Martial World
  9. Global Evolution
  10. Hail The King

I think there were others, but I can’t really remember right now.
I’m way too damn tired :(.

2 thoughts on “TDoE Reddit

  1. You should check out Galactic Dark Net (if you haven’t already). Same site as Global Evolution. Just another distraction for you. The Gam3 ate up my whole day yesterday too. So many chapters… so little time.

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    • I was going to, but within the first or second chapter of GDN, it’s just like rape and slavery everywhere. I also get annoyed with the way that women aren’t treated like people at all in a lot of Chinese stories. Instead of reading something I know I’ll probably hate, I’d rather just avoid it rofl.


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