TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 9a: Another Long Night

Just woke up after a lovely seven hours of sleep. Last ‘night’, my hands were cramping and I was afraid of wasting too much power, so I decided to stop typing for the day. Obviously I didn’t go right to bed though, ‘cause I still needed to plant my new roses.

I actually have four of them, but they’re all blooming, so I decided to just put them into the ground. Even if I wanted to eat them, there wasn’t much left of their roots anyway. Plus, I was still pretty ‘full’ from that kangaroo-rat thing.

Now though… I’m going to devour one of my cactuses. The biggest one is nearly two feet wide and basically looks like a really painful green beach ball. Oh wow, Miss Crabby is still nibbling on the bones of that critter. No wait, that’s a different one? Hmmm, ah, they must have been attracted by the scent of blood or something like that.

There’s at least five of them crawling around the different cactuses… Crap! They’re all females laying their eggs! All three of the biggest ones already have a few holes in them. Well, I wouldn’t be able to eat something that gigantic anyway. It’s probably for the best.


I ended up picking one of the newest cactuses. It was only four inches wide, but still delicious.

Did I mention that Joey is still running around on the outskirts of my territory, gobbling up every tiny crab he can find? Unlike me, he doesn’t seem to be willing to waste any time with sleep. He does lay down and rest for a few minutes after every meal, but aside from that, he’s super hyped up.

What the?! What is that horrible noise?! “Gyah~! Gyah~! Kyaa~! Kyaa~! Gyah~! Gyah~! Kyaa~! Kyaa~!” Do you hear that?! It sounds like a little girl screaming at the top of her lungs!

Oh, it’s just Joey… He’s like, standing on his hind legs and screeching towards the sky. Over and over again, the same pattern of “Gyah~” and “Kyah~!”

Anyway, I’m gonna go towards the east again. I didn’t really make it that far last time, since a certain lizard scared the crap out of me. However, my hypothesis about the absence of food over there, might not be true. It could be some kind of animal that Giant Shadow Lurker Lizards can’t eat; there might even be some new plants that I haven’t discovered yet.

Either way, I have to go and check it out!


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