TDD V1, Chapter 1: Parts 10&11


Part 10: Separation Anxiety

By the time Yuri was finished editing her brother’s design, the Goblin’s head was about six inches long. Her eyes and ears were also significantly larger in comparison to the rest of her face.

“Now that the two of you have chosen your avatars, you will need to choose a spawning location. I recommend somewhere in your bedrooms, but it can literally be anywhere within your King Territory.”

Azra muttered “Umm, I guess I should probably go over there, huh?” Regardless of how much he wanted to ‘play’ with the avatar he created, he was also afraid to leave his sister alone. In fact, the two of them had never been separated since they were born. Even when their grandfather would disappear occasionally, the twins always stayed together.

When he was about to use the teleportation function, Yuri whispered “Stay here with me… We can take turns spawning them.”

“Okay, that makes sense.” Her brother let out a sigh, then nodded his head.

The two of them walked to the back of the room and then climbed an excruciatingly long spiral staircase, which led all the way to the top of the tree. Although the bedroom was much smaller than the dining hall, it was still pretty big considering that it was built inside of a tree.

She chose the floor near the southern wall as the spawning point. A huge green seed pod suddenly sprouted out of the wooden floorboards, causing splinters to fly all over the place. Azra quickly used his back to shield his relatively tiny sister, but fortunately, they weren’t traveling fast enough to cause any damage.

Yuri walked around him and cautiously approached the strange object. After examining it for a few moments, she turned to her brother and asked “Do you think that there was an error? Are Ratkins related to walnuts?”

Azra started snickering and patted her on the head, then he said “Who knows? It’s all magical bullshit after all! How long is this thing going to take to spawn anyway?”

She looked at her screen and muttered “It says that it takes twenty-four hours to spawn an avatar. We should go over to your territory now.”

Although they could simply give a telepathic command, the two of them still reached out and touched the teleportation icon. Then they chose Azra’s keep and vanished into thin air.

Part 11: Winter

A muscular, six foot tall asian man with long black hair and deathly pale skin was standing in front of a massive stone keep. It was forty meters tall and shaped like a rectangular tower. Next to him was a five foot tall asian girl, with similarly long and black hair. Both of them were wearing slightly damp sackcloth tunics, which only covered their chests and a small portion of their thighs.

All around them were snowy fields, with some trees that had lost all of their leaves. After they teleported, Azra was the first to complain “Crap, why is it so freaking cold all of a sudden?”

Yuri hugged her brother and murmured “I think… The seasons in here are likely based on the seasons outside… It should be the middle of winter right now.”

“We need to hurry up and get inside before we freeze to death!” The twins briskly ran up the stairs and their feet nearly got stuck to the ice. When they reached the gateway, Azra had to use all of his strength to pull open the left side of the door. Then the two of them rushed inside of the huge hall, which had lots of small glassless windows.

“It isn’t any warmer in here!” Azra closed the gate and then walked over to the door on the northern end of the hall. He knew from the floor plan that there was a stairwell to the bedroom behind there.

“I warned you that temperate winters were extremely harsh…” His sister hated the cold weather even more than he did. The temperature actually wasn’t absurdly low. The problem was that the only clothing they had was wet and they had teleported from a tropical jungle.

When they reached the bedroom upstairs, a freezing draft was blowing in through the tiny windows. Several screens were still floating in the air in front of the twins, so Azra quickly selected the floor near the southernmost wall and ordered the spawning point to be placed there.

A scorching heat was suddenly emitted from the wooden floorboards in front of him. Then a huge silver tube appeared out of thin air. It was a meter wide and two meters tall. The mysterious object was totally seamless at first, but as the two of them approached in order to warm their bodies, the reflective metallic surface started to become translucent.

“Woah~, this… Doesn’t this look like some kind of cloning tank?!” It was a glass-like container, with a clear liquid slowly swirling around inside. As Azra cautiously placed his hand on the tank, he wondered “What should we do now? It says that the spawning process is going to take twenty-four hours.”

However, as if it was answering his question, Sariel’s message started playing again.

“Every time you lose an avatar, it will take twenty-four hours to create a new one. Right now, you only have a single spawner each… Later on, you’ll be able to ‘purchase’ more of them. Once your avatar is finished growing, you’ll be able to start producing more units. And by units, I mean people. I know that the two of you are probably not the most ‘social’ kids out there… But well, that’s not really my problem. Every spawner can produce one unit per hour, but it isn’t a free service.”

There was a brief pause in the message, before it continued “I’m sorry… I didn’t want you two brats to get caught up in all this until you were already adults and understood the world a bit, but I don’t think I’ll last that long. When you hear this, you’ll probably only be sixteen or seventeen… Still only children.”


*Author’s Note*

This is the end of Chapter 1. I’ll be posting Chapter 2 in a moment.

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