TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 1: Pity Party

Today was the worst day of my life… It feels like my heart is going to explode. I can’t stop seeing his face, I just, I can’t do this anymore. This is going to be the last time I ever write in this stupid diary!

Ugh, I keep seeing flashes, hearing the sound of his bones getting crushed underneath that truck… Why?! Why didn’t I just pay attention?! If I wasn’t so addicted to that dumb farming app game! Grah~!

My big brother Azra and I had our differences, sure… He was a little weird in a lot of ways, but I still loved him! I wish he would have just let me die instead! How am I supposed to live with myself now?!

Sigh~, when I was fourteen, no, from the time I became a teenager until I graduated high school, I was always depressed and stressed out. I can’t even remember how many times I took it out on Azra… Screaming that I hated him, throwing things, hitting him… I even, I even tried to kill myself when I was sixteen.

I was on a lot of meds and they were messing with my emotions as it was, but then I was also getting bullied. Maybe if Azra would have found me in the bathroom a few minutes later, he wouldn’t have died because of me…

I’ve always hated my name: Destiny King. Mom told me that it was because I was ‘special’. Dad said that they were going to go with Fate or Fortuna, but Destiny sounded cooler. But my brother, his explanation wasn’t quite so censored.

“You were adopted. Your biological mother was actually our mother’s younger sister. She blew her brains out during her twenty-fourth week of pregnancy. You were really lucky… Your twin brother wasn’t able to survive for more than a few days, but you had a surprisingly strong life force. I guess you could say that it was your ‘Destiny’, to be my little sister, right?”

It’s not fair… Azra actually had friends, he was about to graduate from college, he was handsome, always exercised and a stayed in shape… What have I done with my life so far? A twenty-three year old virgin loser. I’m just a big fat pig. My blubber probably would have kept me from dying even if the truck had hit me!

I can’t stay here anymore. The way Mom and Dad look at me now… Maybe if they blamed me, I wouldn’t feel so bad. But even after I got my brother killed, they didn’t even get mad! No, they did get angry, but it wasn’t towards me. I’m leaving tonight… I don’t know where, but I just need to go.


19 thoughts on “TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 1: Pity Party

  1. Well Thant’s a good why to enjoy your story, I mean the mind set and all and I agree on the over dramatic ness of most of them and that’s why I stay away. Because let’s say I love the story so far and then all of the sudden it like , bang bang bang.. Pow. Och. What the absolute chrap just happend to my story , its all fan service now… ( back ground * bang bang bang… Pow. Right in the kisser) and I don’t wanna read that. Sigh that’s why I mostly save my self the trouble of sighing so much when it just ruins the story later on . not all the time just most of the time ;c

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  2. Lol female protagonist. I never read these types of story’s with a female protagonist, because when I think about her the protagonist getting dominated it feels weird because the reader is to put them self’s in the main characters position, and because I can’t relate with female lead much. May try reading , I’ll put it on my to read list

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    • Put it this way… In Chaotica’s Coliseum, the MC is a woman… but she’s also one of the most vicious and crazy MC’s I’ve ever written lol.

      On the other hand, Destiny King is probably the most ‘normal’ MC I’ve ever written. By that, I mean… Well, if you read it, you’ll understand rofl.

      No clue if you’ll like it or not, since you’ve probably never read a diary type story before? And her being a woman is kinda irrelevant lol. Don’t expect long drawn-out monologues about how awesome or hard it is to be a woman. Or for everyone who sees her to try to rape her for no apparent reason… Or any sexual relationships whatsoever lmao.

      All the reasons why people would or wouldn’t want to read from a certain sex’s perspective are pretty much not here because I didn’t write this story as some sort of political bullshit-fest roflmao. Don’t expect a bunch of fighting either. Not that there isn’t some fighting, but it’s mostly just adventure and survival lol.


      • OK thanks for the clear up, because its like reading yoai or what ever its called. Guy on guy novels it may be a great read , like why would you read it if you know its going to feel weird reading through knowing that all other male lead are going after the protagonist in a sexual way, and the main lead is for it like ….I’m out none of this is for me. And girl on girl is still weird bbut people read it for the fluff n stuff. That’s why I don’t like reading when its not male lead , because the relationship parts are really werid for me. That’s for the clear up , I read it I guess =)

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      • I’m fine with gay or lesbian relationships, but I hate when they go out of their way to try to overdramatize everything lol. I don’t care what sex, sexuality, gender, species or whatever the main characters are… If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, it doesn’t matter how ‘PC’ it is, it’ll still be bad lol.


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