Questing V1, Chapter 9: PVP

A squirrel-headed and fluffy-tailed, white-furred dominatrix-ninja was meditating peacefully on the top of a huge and reflective, silver-disk. Hurricane-force winds were raging around her, while lightning was viciously striking her black-mithril cotton, and demonic-beast leather armor. Continue reading


Questing V1, Chapter 8: Afterlife

“You have died! Please wait while we use your last biological scan to recreate your physical body. This temporary vessel contains all of your memories and is an anchor for your soul, so don’t break it. Welcome to Lunar Graveyard Seventy-Six!” A soft, high-pitched, and feminine voice resounded throughout the darkness, causing Coffee to quickly open his eyes. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 7: Foreshadowing

In an underground cavern, two-miles west of Quena, most of the village members were hiding from the terrible weather outside. Over four-hundred Fox-Tribe were living in a tunnel that was fairly short, yet incredibly wide; the walls, floor, and ceiling were covered with huge white crystals. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 6: Favor

When Demil jumped down into the vault, she immediately felt a burning sensation on her palm, so she quickly opened it and read “Congratulations; you have successfully exterminated the bandits and completed Luna’s quest within the optimal conditions! You have been rewarded with three-thousand, five-hundred favor points for killing over two-thousand grunts; the officers and clan-leader had a combined bounty of nine skill-points, giving you a total of twelve!” Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 5: Skills

Unlike a certain bear, Demil was able to easily discover all of the incredibly useful aspects of her newly acquired Lunar seal. After reading through the intro in a few seconds, she immediately activated the ‘map’ function. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 4: Trial and Error

Demil was sitting cross-legged on the stone-floor of an incredibly hot, steam-room; her long and thick tail was slowly squirming around, behind her back. The walls and ceiling were made out of concrete that was mixed with black-mithril powder, to create an environment of intense mana-density within that enclosed space. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 3: A Means to an End

The tiger-girl, squirrel-woman, bear-man, and female deer-centaur stared at the mysterious, giant, human nudist. Although, since none of them were wearing any clothing, it wasn’t her naked body that they were worried about. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 2: Ties of Friendship and Bondage

The colossal triangular arena looked like a giant arrowhead, pointing towards The Forest of Corruption. Directly behind it was a massive two-hundred meter tall skyscraper, with thousands of nearly unbreakable black-mithril reinforced, glass-windows. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 1: Headed to Angren

Several gunshots from small caliber rifles rang-out, and a deafening roar resounded from the colossal beast. At a distance, it might have seemed like a handful of mice were scurrying around a black-feathered rooster; yet upon closer inspection, those pine-trees that surrounded them, were in fact, absurdly large. Continue reading


Okay, I’ve been a little hesitant to start releasing these chapters, because of the writing equivalent of stage-fright… but, I think that it’s about time I start posting them.  I’ve written nine chapters so far, and I think there will probably be one or two more before volume one of “Questing” is completed, so hopefully people will like it.

I think that the disclaimer for “Immortal Soul” is sufficient for this story as well, because it’s relatively mature.  There hasn’t been any real sexual content so far, but there is quite a bit of profanity in the dialogue; there’s a bit of gore, though probably not that much.  Aside from that, it’s in third person POV so if you dislike that style of writing, you probably won’t like “Questing.”

The first volume of this story takes place between V-4 Ch-5 and Ch-6 of “Immortal Soul” so if you haven’t read up to that point, it may be difficult to understand some of the settings.  Welp, here it goes…

Continue reading