Schedules FTL

Okay then, I just woke up, edited and posted chapter 226, but I don’t know if I’ll edit/release chapter 227 today.  The past few days I’ve been really burnt-out and haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep, plus the fact that every day it seems like I’m awake at completely different hours lol. Continue reading


I’ll probably edit and post chapter 222 later on tonight… So yeah, sorry about all the weird hours I’ve been writing/posting things lol.  It feels like every day I’m on a completely different schedule :(.

Anyway, I’ll be posting 2 chapters a day again on Friday or Saturday.  Also, my assumption that Book 1 would end before chapter 260 was totally wrong roflmao.  Thus, I’m just gonna keep writing and I’ll make an announcement when I actual finish Book 1.

I honestly can’t think of anything else to talk about, so I’m gonna go back to writing now… Donations Page Link lol.

Surprise Early Chapter Release?

My days have recently been turned around backwards… Which means that I actually wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night now lol.  Thus, instead of maintaining the ‘normal’ scheduling, I decided to change it up a bit.

Basically, this is an early chapter, so the next one will probably be tomorrow at around the same-ish time.  Don’t expect another chapter 10 hours from now :P.

The main reason I wanted to post this so badly, is because people were confused for some reason… I didn’t think that a spontaneous dryadic transformation would be strange lol.  The reason she tried to ‘devour’ Michael, was obviously because he’s Chaotic and she’s Natural rofl.

Also, I wanted to say this, because it’s annoying when people keep asking it or simply being dicks.  This story isn’t translated ‘into’ English; I am the author of “Hardcore OP-ness”, “Immortal Soul” and “Questing”.  On another note, I go onto reddit sometimes and read comments that people post.  Usually they’re funny or at least nice, but if you say some fucked up, unreasonably mean shit about me or my stories, it’s normal for me to respond to it, right?  I wonder, do people think I’m above yelling at assholes who piss me off?

Is it immature to give a shit when people taunt you?  “Hardcore OP-ness” wasn’t written with closed-minded bigots as the intended audience lol.  I write it for the fans who are a lot like me; the people who want to read about a guy who goes to another reality and has fun.  There is a plot, if you look hard enough, but for the most part, it’s all about enjoying the ridiculousness of it all.  Indulging in a fictional world, where the possibilities are much higher than in our own.

Anyway, the first Book of OP-ness is probably going to end soon lol.  Actually, I kinda-sorta wrote the first chapter of Book-2 already, but I still haven’t finished writing Book-1, so nothing’s completely set in stone yet.  Not that I would literally carve a book out of stone, cause that’d be absurd…

So yeah, I’m currently working on chapter 249, so if you ‘Donate‘ or ‘Pledge‘, you would be like 35-ish chapters ahead of the releases.  That offer for any artists out there, is still valid lol.  Haven’t received any messages or comments from anyone who was interested in creating some art for the story yet.

Randomly Changing the Release Schedule :)

Welp, I think I’m done with the massive releases, because they ended up taking more effort than just releasing 2 chapters a day.  So~, I think I might switch things up a bit… Maybe remove the break-day and change into 2 single chapter days?

It’s all kind of arbitrary either way, but whatever; for now though, because I already posted the 12 chapters for the week a few days ago(For those of you who don’t remember that lol), I’m going to release 1 chapter every day until ‘next’ Friday.

As for the times… I might change that as well.  The old release time was 8 pm for me, but I may set it earlier or later in the day.  I’m basically going to be experimenting with whatever gives the most views and what people seem to like the best.

Also, I’m sure many of you have noticed conversations about ‘Fanart’ in the Comments.  I’m going to be doing it like this: If you create an awesome picture of one of the characters, a particular scene, or even a scenery, I’ll consider it as a ‘Donation‘!  Since I can’t afford to pay people hundreds of dollars to create art for me, but I would also feel bad if I didn’t give them anything in return… so if you’re an artist who wants to be able to read 30+ chapters ahead, this is relatively cheaper than donating or pledging(It probably isn’t, if you consider the hours and potential cost for art supplies: assuming that you aren’t just drawing it on your computer, then it shouldn’t cost you anything.)

Anyway, if you just doodle a stick-figure fucking another stick-figure, I’m not going to consider it ‘art’ lol.  Also, if you show me a blank page and say it’s Michael’s Arcane Prison, I will probably laugh, but ultimately, it doesn’t count roflmao. Continue reading

Update on Hardcore OP-ness

Okay~ then, hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten about my existence quite yet: That does tend to happen sometimes.  I ‘could’ continue releasing 2 chapters a day, or I ‘could’ release 12 chapters on a single day. Continue reading


My head hurts so hard right now… Well, right now as in, when I wrote this lol.  By the time this is posted, I should still be sleeping :).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your overdose of “Hardcore OP-ness”, because now, you’re going to suffer from a week long withdrawal.  The reason?  I could only write a single fucking chapter today, on my nonexistent break-day!  Ugh, the only thing that’s breaking is my sanity and my cerebral-cortex…

I say that I ‘only’ wrote a single chapter today, but do you realize that I seriously edited 12 chapters in a row?  Then I took those 12 chapters and had to schedule them!  The scheduling alone took me like an hour or so!  FML, this post is basically just me raging about how tired and irritated I am right now lol.  Don’t expect some profound secrets or hidden meanings, I’m simply exhausted and needed to vent my frustration.

I want to write!  I want to write so much… but I don’t have time, because of all the posting and editing, ugh.  It just completely ruins my writing mojo, so I decided to just say “Fuck it!” and post all 12 chapters for the week, on the same day.  This way, I won’t have to answer over 500 comments(not even joking lol) and I hopefully won’t be distracted as much by stupid shit(Like trolling and complaining from certain people, who shall not be named, because I only vaguely remember them.)

I’m hoping that this will allow me to write more than 2 chapters a day, for the next 7 days or so.  I know, right?  No matter what, I’m still gonna end up writing every day lol.  It’s just a matter of whether my mental juices are clogged up and bogged down by editing/posting, :P.

As always with these kinds of posts, I’ll try to promote the “Donations” page.  For those of you who want to ask me for novel suggestions… “Stories That I Follow” is literally the stories that I follow, though I haven’t been able to keep up with a lot of them lately lol.

Goodnight, oyasumi nasai, buenas noches, and thank you for reading :).


Okay then~, it’s been a week since the last break-day, so for those of you(like me) who have trouble keeping track of time… Today/tomorrow, won’t have any chapters being released.

I’ve been kinda slow with writing lately, and have just barely managed to keep ahead by 30+ chapters.  Anyway, I’m currently writing chapter 218, though I almost finished it :).

Aside from just telling people that there won’t be any releases tonight(It’s normally 8pm for me), I didn’t really have anything else to talk about.  Here’s the “Donations” page link that I always give…

I suppose I could let people know that I don’t like being trolled, so don’t do that.  It isn’t ‘constructive criticism’ to tell me that I’m a bad writer, or that you hate a character for some petty reason, or that you aren’t going to read my story anymore because of something that happens in the chapter you just read… Seriously, just don’t, I don’t care why you hate my story, I will delete any posts that piss me off; I literally don’t have the time nor patience to deal with the endless torrent of complaints that seem to spring up every day.

If you have something positive or nice to say about the story, good; that’s what authors like to read.  We enjoy it when people say “Good job, thank you for the hard work.”  Even if I can delete comments that are just really mean to me or rude, it’s still incredibly annoying, because I have to see that garbage and it completely ruins my writing speed.

I’m the type of person who was bullied a lot when I was younger.  Honestly, everyone probably goes through some sort of bullying incident or phase in their lives; it’s just the way humans are.  Probably why we relate so much to these xianxia characters who are treated like trash for no apparent reason, and eventually go on a rampage, getting their revenge lol.  Of course, most of us aren’t homicidal psychopaths, so we have to settle for just getting over it and growing up.  Also, it helps if you start working out like crazy and learning how to defend yourself.  Bullies tent to pick on people who can’t fight back and avoid those who can: same thing with rapists, serial killers, and other such scumbags.

Now that the common-sense lesson is over with, I would like to thank all of the donors and patrons for their amazing support!  I seriously wouldn’t be able to keep writing if it wasn’t for you guys and/or girls out there! 🙂  Everyone who enjoys “Hardcore OP-ness” should wholeheartedly thank them as well, because they’re the reason that I’m able to post 12 chapters a week for you to read.

Does anyone else remember this song? lol Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Also, here’s a ton of funny cats 😛

Break Day and T.V. Show Recommendations?

It’s that time of the week again… Kinda funny how fast time flies when you’re struggling to keep writing at least two chapters every day lol.  Somewhere along the line I screwed up a few times, so I only wrote about 12 instead of 14 this week.

I blame ISSTH and the fact that so many good shows started coming on again :). “The Strain” and “Fear The Walking Dead” just ended, but a bunch of others are still on, or have just begun lol.

Heroes Reborn” is basically the same as the original “Heroes” lol.  People with superpowers constantly being oppressed, murdered, and enslaved by evil humans :P.

Once Upon a Time” seems to be having a “Star Wars” theme so far this season, at least from my perspective.  There’s the the Merlin and Camelot stuff too, and overall, I’m liking it so far.

Limitless” is exactly how I expected it to be: decent.  Not particularly amazing or terrible, just kinda good and not too bad lol.  It’s another one of those crime-solving shows, so if you don’t like them, then you probably won’t like it.

Doctor Who” is pretty much the same thing as the last however many seasons.  Time-Travel nonsense, awkward British humor, and everyone besides Clara and the Doctor usually die within the episode, so don’t get too attached to random people rofl.

Supernatural” is still around, in case you thought it was cancelled.  I like the show, regardless of how repetitive and ridiculous it usually is.  All the main characters are still around and the brotherly bromance continues onward lol.

The Walking Dead” comes on tonight, but I can already guess that they’re gonna kill off a lot of main characters this season… because it’s just a thing that they always do :(.

Izombie” is back for season 2, thankfully.  It’s a show about a crime-solving zombie-girl, who eats the brains of murder victims and gains some of their memories.  There’s a decent amount of comedy and the characters are very like-able in my opinion.

The Flash” is about a guy who can run really fast and has to fight against super-human psychopaths… cause that’s just a thing that happens in the DC Universe lol.

Arrow” is also from the DC Universe and focuses on Oliver Queen, who doesn’t have super-powers, which is lame.  However, it’s still a pretty good show with a lot of action.

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has a lot of alien technology, spy-ish stuff, and superheroes/villains.  It’s probably one of my favorite shows at the moment, and it’s on season 3 now :).

Anyway, now that my impromptu and extremely vague T.V. show recommendation session is finished, I’d like to do some shameless advertising of my “Donation” page.  Aside from that, chapter 171 and 172 will be released in roughly 8 hours, but after that is the dreaded Break Day!

Postponing Break Day

I’ve already said this in a comment, but since people usually don’t read those, I needed to make a post about it.  Basically, because of the whole “The Boss battle still hasn’t started yet?!” thing, I decided to push my break back a day.

In roughly eleven hours, both chapters are going to be posted pretty close together.  I might stop posting an hour apart, if the view-count increases because of this, if it decreases, then I might keep doing the hour apart thing.

The guy who was posting links to Hardcore OP-ness on Reddit stopped… so, if anyone wants to start doing that, I’d be grateful.  Anyway, as always, I’m gonna shamelessly advertise Donations.  I’m currently working on chapter 182, so the gap is starting to widen(For now.)

Of course, that gap is actually to reduce the pressure on me, so I can write more and faster.  Break Day is similar; I keep writing, but because I don’t have to post 2 chapters, it’s more like, instead of 14 chapters a week, I only ‘have to’ write 12.  Somewhere along the line, there are days where I can’t write 2 chapters, so it’s helpful to me.

Anyway, I’m about to go to sleep soon, so if you donate or pledge and don’t receive an immediate email or reply, then that’s the reason.  I should be awake again within 8 to 12 hours of unconsciousness(Whenever that may be) lol.